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    Helping you locally, reach globally
    Based on our expertise and market resources we are capable
    of delivering award winning product solutions that successfully enter new markets.

Why 360° Strategies?

360° Strategies are a dedicated team of specialists, perfectly balanced to help CE brands ready themselves for launch, establish the correct distribution and retail channels and engage with the consumer in the right way for their culture and language.

360° Strategies specialize in developing “go to market” channels for exciting technology products, especially new to market products. Within the business we have over 25 years of experience of IT , IOT and CE Channel Development in Europe , At 360° Strategies we provide technology businesses with help in developing hard hitting, results orientated “go to market” strategies and thrive on the opportunity to manage or assist in the implementation of that strategy to ensure success. Headquartered in Rotterdam, we have presence and reach throughout Europe.

Bringing Technology to market...

Expanding into unknown channels and new markets can be risky, soaking up valuable resources and ultimately have a fundamental impact on your global plans or future exit: At 360° strategies we engage to understand the key drivers of your business and the motivation for this expansion and develop a plan to ensure the right approach is adopted from the start. by asking key questions:

  • What is driving your need for expansion?
  • What other industries and technologies are driving and influencing your business?
  • What experience have you had to date?
  • What foundation resources do you have that assist in the development into new markets?
  • What geographies do you wish to focus on first and why?
  • How can you replicate local market success leveraging current resources, minimising costs of expansion?


Challenges to International Expansion

There are many challenges to International channel expansion, from selecting the right geography to target first, understanding of the local business landscape and culture, together with understanding where the rapid adoption is likely to come from. Having an established relationship with a broad range of channels, 360° strategies can accelerate product adoption into key channels and establish sales quickly, thus making forecasting and business planning much easier.

As seasoned business professionals, with many years of international channel expansion experience we understand the challenges and pressures. Our aim is to simply fast track you expansion through a low risk and management cost structure and provide measurable milestones and partnerships on route. We are committed to sharing risk, but also the rewards, and in many cases empowering you to be self-sufficient going forward to retain overall control and to scale.