Retail Business to Consumer | Dealer Business to Business

360° Strategies has a wide in-country network at Retailers (B2C) & Corporate Dealers and Resellers (B2B), which enables us to plan and act more quickly, thus allowing you to expand more quickly. Sharing lead generation on Partner networks will save you tremendously on current sales & marketing resources, therefore your current business is less exposed to risk of being overtaxed or being less effective and efficient, whilst loosing speed to market. Whether channel related or direct sales let us support you in getting better returns faster. By finding the right answers to the below questions;

- Who will you partner with locally reaching our target end user market?
- What is your sales channel readiness? Is the right channel strategy in place?
- What are the required margin and contract schemes of your desired partner network locally?
- What is the required marketing support in the channel to optimize your unique offering within that channel?
- Further design of appropriate material and trade marketing programs for Dealer networks and Retail shopfront?