Marketing and Business Intelligence

We understand that it pays for companies to "look before they leap" into European markets. Marketing & Business Intelligence are essential steps that helps minimize risks and maximize opportunities early in a Go To Market process. Before you make bigger marketing investments, let 360° strategies help you test the demand for your product and services.

The primary goal of Market(-ing) intelligence is to analyze potential demand for your products in a new market or channel where no prior demand or awareness of your brand and products and services may exist. Various strategies and techniques are used to facilitate testing. We adopt a straightforward process designed to answer questions that enable your business to make better decisions.

- What are the end user characteristics to conduct a market test?
- Marketing research (qualitative) towards end user target groups?
- Will there be demand for the product? Can we quantify this potential?
- Which countries are best to target at first?
- Sizing the market & ROI opportunity?