One of the latest developments in E-commerce is the rise of Multi-channel or Omni-channel E-commerce. 360° Strategies can support you in building a clear portfolio of online sales and marketing touch points, wherever your targeted end user is residing. Whether that is online via a smartphone or tablet, or physically at the shopfront. Making sure that there is a strong balance between offline and online sales and marketing opportunities. Finding clear answers on the below questions;

- How do you communicate online to your end user?  Exploring online sales and marketing opportunities?
- Does your E-commerce visibility stand out in convenience and end user friendliness?
- Do you have the right tools in place to maximize traffic (SEO/SEA) to your online web pages and/or E-commerce activities?
- Are you ready to allow your end users to purchase mobile and directly from their smart phone or tablet?
- Does your current supplier in E-commerce development give you the right “value for money”?