Distribution & Warehousing

Often perceived as an unpleasant and costly stage in the value chain. A proper set up for the supply chain, from factory production towards the end user is vital in order to secure your products and services to be at the right time and place for your target customer. Given its experience and network of people in distribution, 

360° Strategies can give maximum support in selecting the right local Distribution & Warehousing partners; adding real value and focus to your business locally. Whether that is based on only logistics movements, fulfilment (taking financial ownership of the stock) or on a “value add” base. Whereas Distribution partners could further support in a flexible sales force and or marketing support at a Dealer (B2B) and/or Retailer network.

- Ensuring a smooth supply chain from production towards target customers.
- Defining the goods and cash flow within the chain.
- Selecting the right distribution partners locally.
- Negotiating on terms, conditions and margin schemes.
- Setting up supply chain and sales planning procedures and tools.